A very warm welcome to the family of over 230,000 strong NTU alumni all over the world and over 5,000 NTU MSE Alumni. As the career prospects of MSE graduates are broad covering a spectrum of industries and fields, the strong NTU alumni network and the 91 alumni associations across the globe will be of extreme significance to you. Many excellent activities/programs are organized every year to promote career prospects through workshops, networking events, community engagement, etc. At any stage of your journey, you can also utilize $1600 worth of NTU alumni course credits to pursue different courses at the Center for Professional and Continuing Education to be prepared for economic and industrial changes. To make the most of all the benefits of being an NTU alumnus, download the NTU Alumni Mobile App and update your details as you progress through your career.

As an extremely close knit family, MSE has an excellent and welcoming Alumni Association (MSEAA). MSE Alumni Association aims to create an open and inclusive network of alumni, provide platforms for interaction and exploration of career opportunities through industrial networks, as well as social opportunities for personal enrichment and development. MSEAA members contribute their time and effort generously to organize various events and activities for alumni, MSE undergraduates and postgraduates.

Upcoming Events for 2022


In view of the COVID-19 situation, all the events will be kept to a small group in accordance with Safe Management Measures and/or conducted virtually until further notice. More details of the events will be provided at a later date via our social media platforms.


Small Group Cooking / Baking workshops



Mar and Jul

Business & Entrepreneurship events

Apr and Aug

Professional Development workshops

May and Sep

DIY & Wellness workshops

Jun and Nov

Business & Entrepreneurship events


Oktoberfest event


Appreciation event and Volunteering event

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